Various Sufi Shrines in Mumbai -India


City: Mumbai District : Mumbai State: Maharashtra


Mazaar of Hazrat Sayed Ahmed Ali Shah Qadri & Hazrat Sayed Hussain Shah Qadri

Near Sandhurst Road Station, Mumbai.


Syed Abdullah Shah Kadri alias Pedru Shah Baba, VT, Mumbai – India

Hazrat Pedru Shah baba was a Mazhoob Coolie who worked at VT.
Once he was carrying a lot of luggage on his Head of a Parsi
Suddenly the Parsi saw that the weight was not touching
his head Mubarak but was actually flying 4 inch above
His Head. Seeing this the PARSI fell on his feet.

And he gave his whole property near VT Station to Pedru Shah Baba.
Now the Dargah and Masjid Stands on that property…


Dargah Hazrat Sayed Bismilah Shah Baba Rehmatullah Alaih,
VT, Mumbai – India

Mazar Shairf of Hazrat Sayed Abdur Rehman Magribi Shah Baba(rehmatullah alaih) which is on platform no 18 of Mumabi V.T railway station just 5 min walk from bishmillah shah baba.


Hazrat Baba Fakhruddin Pir, Mahim, Mumbai – India


Hazrat Peer Baba Syed Sharfuddin Shah Baba Dargah,
Liberty Cinema lane, Mumbai – India


Syed Qadar Shah Vali Dargah, Liberty Cinema lane, Mumbai – India


Jangli Peer Dargah, Worli, Mumbai – India


Dargah Hazrat Peer Sayyad Badruddin Mohsin Habibullah –
Imam Bada, Mumbai – India


Dargah Hazrat Sayyad Hussain urf Mastan Shah Qadri –
Nagpada, Mumbai – India


Mazar Sharief of Hazrat Hussain Shah Qadri,
Hazrat Ibrahim Shah Qadri.


Sidhi Baba Dargah – Hazrat Sayed Kamalluddin Shah Magribi,
Prabhadevi, Mumbai – India


Sewri Crosslane,Behind Indian Oil, SEWRI(E), MUMBAI


Peer Jamal-ud-Din Shah Qadri Nariyalwadi, Kabrastan, Mumbai

Some more prominent Dargahs of Mumbai
1. Dawood Baba – Mahim, Mumbai.
2. Meeran Datar Shaikh Missari – Wadala
3. Hazrat Pir Sayed Hussain Ali Shah Qadri rehmatullah alaih
This is the imposing Dargah a Sufi Shrine on the main road of Dongri, Mumbai.


Hazrat Dawood Shah Baba (R.A), Mahim.
the occassion was Gusool Sharif on 18th january 2010.


Hazrat Sayyed Gilani shah Baba (R.A), Mahim

Hazrat Sayyed Yusuf Shah Aalam (R.A) and Hazrat Sayyed Gilani shah Baba(R.A) are both near Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Baba(R.A), Mahim.

Whoever Visits Mahim should also visit these Mazaars.


Habibullah Shah qadri – Uttarsar Naaka, Thane.

Images sent by : Sarwar Ali Ansari


Mazar Shareef’s of HAZARAT SYED EHSANALI SHAH URF PIR KAMLISHAH BAWA and his beloved son HAZARAT SYED AINULLAHSHAH URF PIR NAEEMULLAH SHAH BAWA is situated at Chunabhatti , Sion [E] Mumbai 400022


Hazrat sayyed jalaluddin shah qadari(r.a) – CHEMBUR

It is a Dargah Sharif of HAZRAT SAYYED JALALUDDIN SHAH QADRI (RA).He is also known by the name of “SHAHENSHAH- E- CHEMBUR”.It is believed the HAZRAT SAYYED JALALUDDIN SHAH QADRI (RA) is resting there for 400 years and is giving FAIZ to people with his DUA.

Karamat : After 300 years of the parda Hazrat Sayyed Jalaluddin Shah Qadri (RA) the British Government started the work for making a refinery in chembur.One british man was in charge of the project.The refinery was coming in the area of the mazaar sharif.That british officer was a non he decided to remove the mazaar sharif,he brought all the construction materials,bulldozers and everything.He started the work,but next day when he came back he saw everything was broken up all his materials were damaged.Whatever work he has done all was scattered.And this continued on daily basis,the British man didn’t know what to do.Some Indians were also working with him.One day Baba gave bashaarat to one Indian man and told him to take the plan of the refinery away from the mazaars area.Next day the Indian told everything to the British man.Then the plan was changed and the refinery was built away from the mazaars are.Still today u can see the boundary wall of the refinery is away from the mazaars area.It is a zinda misaal.Every Thursday there is langar and people gather at the dargah sharif to benefit from this wali of Allah ”SHAHENSAH-E-CHEMBUR” HAZRAT SAYYED JALALUDDIN SHAH QADRI(RA).

KARAMAT 2: IN HAYAT:- One day a woman came to baba she was very poor,she was cutting wood and earning a living for herself and her children.She told baba I want to live like other people please cure me of my problem.Baba told her that go away I have nothing to give but she was adamant. Every day she was saying the same thing. One day she started behaving adamantly on seeing this baba became ‘Jalali’.Then suddenly a monkey came down from a tree and slapped the woman. Then she went away from there. On reaching home she knocked the door,her children has locked the door from inside and she knocked and and children opened the door. When she went inside she saw a ”Ghada” (POT) was full of gold coins (asharfi). It came from inside of the earth.Then she thanked HAZRAT SAYYED JALALUDDIN SHAH QADRI(RA). She went to give salami to baba.


Urs mubarak: 25 rajab


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