Dargah’s in Tirupattur , District Vellore , India



City / Town / Taluk : Tirupattur
District : Vellore District
State : Tamilnadu State, India.

Reputed Dargah Sharifs of Tirupattur:-

Tirupattur is called as “Sandal City”, in Tamil Nadu and is more than 1600 years old town but unknown as the land of Madina sharif due to fact that many great Qutbs and Auliyas of their times ruling this place by their great Irfaniyyath. Many Auliyas visited Dargah Sharifs over here and have admired that Tirupattur is a sacred land of great Qutbs/Auliyas among which some of them are very known for their great Darajah/Maqam as listed below.

List of some of the famous Auliyas / Sufi Saints of Tirupattur:-

1. Hazrath Syedina Rahmatullah Shah Baba (RA), Dargah Shareef and Masjid are located Opposite to Tirupattur bus stand. Dargah sharif is called as “Gumbadh Darga Sharif”
2. Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA), Mazar e Mubarak is located in Jamia Masjid Mackan, a few kilo metres from Tirupattur’s main bus stand.
3. Hazrath Syedina Syed Paccha Shaheed (RA)


Dargah Sharif-e-Hazrath Syedina Rahmatullah Shah Baba (RA) is situated exactly opposite to Tirupattur’s main bus stand and it’s associated with a Masjid as well. Hazrath Syedina Rahmatullah Shah Baba (RA) is the first Qalandar out of 800 Qalandars who came along with Hazrath Sultan Syed Babayee Pir Nath’har Auliya Al-Ma’roof Hazrath Syedina Tabl-e-Aa’lam Badshah Dhol-Samandar Qalandar Hussaini Soharwardi ( Qaddus ‘Allahu Tha’ala Sirrah-ul-Azeez), one of the famous Qutb-ul-Qutbs in the whole world and manifested in Trichy sharif, Tamilnadu, Shivasamudaram and Baba Buddangiri Hills (Karnataka) 1004 years ago. To know more about Hazrath Syedina Tabl-e-A’lam Badshah (RA), please log on to http://www.aulia-e-hind.com/dargah/Tirchy.htm.

Hazrath Nathar Auliya urf Hazrath Syedina Baba Tabl-e-Alam Badshah (RA) attended the funeral ceremony of his Mureed and the first Qalandar, Hazrath Syedina Rahmatullah Shah Baba (RA) and also he recited the Namaz-e-Jannaza. Many great Auliyas have visited this Dargah sharif and have praised countlessly. Hazrath Syedina Lalu Bhai Qasir Chisty Al-Ma’roof Hazrath Mahboob Ali Shah Chisty (RA) (Fondly called as Hazrath Khwaja-e-Bangalore (RA) ) have told highly about the status of Hazrath Syedina Rahmatullah Shah Baba (RA) and to observe a great respect (Adab) while visiting the Dargah sharif.


Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA) is also one of the greatest Auliyas of Tirupattur in Tamil Nadu and his Dargah Sharif is a known place where many people have realised their duas for years now. Even to-date, many people take sacred mud from the Mazar-e-Mubarak of Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA) and use it for curing their diseases. Moreover, they have noticed their problems being solved because of the holy power of this great sufi saint, Subhan ALLAH!

The Mazar-e-Mubarak of Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA) is located in Makan of Jamia Masjid of Tirupattur. There is a Madarassa and Masjid where Hifz is taught to Children. To enter into Makan, one has to enter the Masjid first and follow the entrance inside the Masjid towards Makan.

The Mazar-e-Mubarak of Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA) is well surrounded by seven small green trees. It said that one of the person who came to cut the trees died after cutting.

Great Miracle of Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA), Shahin Shah-e-Marifat:-

Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA) in his old age used to sit near the masjid where he is buried now. When people came to offer prayers, he use to advise them keep their heart away from kufr. To prove it, he used to open his chest using a knife and take out his heart. After that, he would wash his heart cleanly and put it back in it’s original location and close his chest. Subhan ALLAH! Many times, people have observed his holy body got into pieces. Due to these amazing but frightening Karamaths of Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA), Namazis ( people who came to Masjid to offer prayers ) slowly stopped coming over there. It is observed that the Masjid was empty until this Auliya was alive and no one dared to come to offer namaz over there. At times in the night, people have seen his holy body becoming pieces in the Zikr status. After the Wisal of Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA), people started coming to the Masjid and Madarassa was also resumed.

Hazrath Syedina Khwaja-e-Bangalore (RA) was blessed with the title called “Zun-naar” and also Faizan-e-Marifat from Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA):-

When Hazrath Syedina Lalu Bhai Qasir Chisty Al-Ma’roof Hazrath Mahboob Ali Shah Chisty (RA) wanted to learn Irfan and had desire to say Irfani Kalam ( Kalam-e-Marifat ), his beloved Peer-o-Murshid directed him to go to Tirupattur and get Faizan of Marifat from Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA).

Hazrath Syedina Khwaja-e-Bangalore (RA)’s beloved father Hazrath Syedina Khwaja Miyan (RA) took wisal in his early age. After this, Hazrath Syedina Khwaja-e-Bangalore (RA) was guided by his uncle and His Peer-o-Murshid Hazrath Khwaja Nazar Ali Shah Chisty (RA). It is said that without going to any school or learning from anybody else, Hazrath Syedina Khwaja-e-Bangalore (RA) got Faizan of Marifat from Hazrath Syedina Azad Vali Auliya (RA).

About Tirupattur:-
Tirupattur is a town located in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, India. The town has mainly small-scale industries and mills. Some people might describe Tirupattur as a satellite town, in which people reside and go to work in nearby industrial towns such as Vaniyambadi and Ambur in the north, but it is a commercial center from time immemorial (whereas Vaniyambadi and Ambur, which were once smaller towns, have recently flourished). Tirupattur is called as “Sandal City”, located about 222 km away from the state capital Chennai. Even a rough estimation cannot easily be established on the origin of Tirupattur town, owing to its antiquity. Though, the inscriptions so far surveyed by Archeological Survey of India in Tirupattur reveal that this town is more than 1600 years old. The name Tirupattur in English means a group of ten villages/small towns. It is surrounded by several of these villages, making Tirupattur a Taluk.

Bus / Train / Flight services to Tirupattur :- 
It is well connected to various parts of Tamil Nadu and India, by private and public bus services. Regular bus services are available from all important cities of Tamil Nadu including Chennai, Salem. More than Ten trains are (Mails & Express) halted at Tirupattur Railway Station. No airport in the Tirupattur Town. The nearest airport is at Bangalore. If you come from other parts of the country you can land in Chennai airport. The present Bus Stand was constructed during 1960. Tirupattur was also ruled by Maharaj-e-Deccan, Hazrath Syedina Tippu Sulthan Sarkar (RA) who is buried in Srirangapatnam Sharif, Mysor District, Karnataka.


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