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City: Nasik District: Nasik State: Maharashtra

Hazrat Chand Shah wali Qadri was born in Medina and Spent his childhood on the yard of Rasuul e pak. one day hazrat got dream from Russul e pak. that he has to go to Baghdad and become murid of Hazrat Gauss e azam. and get joined in Quadri silsila. Chand shahwali went baghdad and met Hazart Gauss e Pak.

It is said that Chand shah wali is the first Murid and Khalifa of Hazart Guass e azam.
Hazrat chandshahwali spent 10-15 years in service of Guass e azam.
He was the one of the 16 saiyyad.

Then hazart left for Hindustan in 1400 palkhi along with hazarat jalaluddin Bokhari and Bismillah Kuressi RA  for Spreding Islam.


Hazart has  won many Forts than any other aulia and Guass e azam has given him Lakab of ” The King of Forts.”


There is debate about the original Mazar of Hazrat Chand shah wali. according to information i have, Hazart spent most of his life in Jalgaon District of maharshtra. but he got Parada at ankai Fort in nasik district, 8 from Manmad.



Hazart has only one younger brother, hazart Pehlawan shah Baba. both brothers are unmarried.


We have displayed pictures of Ankai Fort where Hazart has main mazar. Ankai fort 3400 ft high.while reaching Hazarts mazar we come through seven Buland Doors of fort.


Hazrat Peer Ghode Sawaar Baba Alaih Rehman

The dargah is located in takdi fata, Nasik.

Peer Sayed Sadique Shah Hussaini Sarmast Madni Naqui Chisti (R.A)

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