City : Ahmadnagar District: Ahmadnagar              State: Maharashtra

The Dargah of Syed Shah Abdul Rehman Urf (Dum Bara Hazari Chistiya R. A.) is situated in Fakirwada Taluka-Ahmednagar Maharashtra. It is on Ahmednagar – Aurangabad Higway between Puna and Aurangabad. Dargah is more than 500 years old.

Syed Shah Abdul Rehman Chisty was from the family of Khwaja Garib Nawaz Ajmeri, he was a very pious and religious person he took care of his niece KASAMSHAH from the age of 6 months and used to feed him milk from the small finger of his right hand. Lots of people visit the saints grave daily for supplications and once there supplications are answered they offer offerings in a small utensil owned by the saint which is now known as KISHTI (boat).

Supplications for the marraige of Girls who are not getting married after reaching their due age are answerd very soon at this Dargah. Girls offer Green Bangles at the Dargah after their supplications have been answered.

Once Aurangzeb was passing by Fakirwada with an army of 12000 soldiers, his army was very thirsty and hungary, they were starving sinced days. after hearing about the saint from the locals King Aurangzeb went to meet the saint and after offering his salams requested the saint to feed his army and the saint obliged. Hazrat had a small utensil of wood which today is known as a Kishti (boat) he covered the utensil with a cloth, read some ayats from the Quran and took a deep breath and by the will of God when he removed the cloth the utensil was filled with delicious cooked food which was more than enough for the army of Aurangzeb. Hazrat hold his breath till all the soldiers had eaten there food. Since than Hazrat is known as Baba Dum Barah Hazari.

Aurangzeb was so happy with this miracle that he decided to donate 350 Acres of land to the saint but the saint refused he had no love for this worldly pleasures but Aurangzeb insisted and gave the Land to the small boy KASAMSHAH who was niece of Hazrat. The Deed of the Land donated by King Aurangzeb Stamped and signed by Himself is still preserved in the Dargah premises by the Family of KASAMSHAH Also in the Mazar there is a Quran written by Hazrat himself, his turban, clothes all are preseved in the Dargah premises even today, by looking at his belongings one could imagine how simple and pious person he was.

Urs Sharif of the Dargah is on 14th ZullHajj according to arabic calendar.

The Family of KASAMSHAH is taking care of the Dargah Premises and the Visitors since last 11 generations
1. Syed Moinuddin A Kaim Jalander
2. Syed Murad S. Karim
3. Syed Buhan S. Munir
4. Syed Akbar S. Munir
5. Syed Sattar S, Munir
6. Syed Chotumiya S. Munir
7. Syed Amir S. Munir
8. Syed Yusuf S. Munir
9. Syed Aziz S. Munir


HAZRAT MIRA WALI BABA hazrat’s mazhar is located in MAHARASHTRA at AHMEDNAGAR.(this dargah is next to highway between KULDABAD and PUNE)


HAZRAT RAMAZANSHAN Ahmednagar–  Shagirdh of Hazarat NIZAMUDDIN SADATH DULHA .Hazarat RAMAZANSHAN was a NON -Muslim, till today popularly known amoung the non muslim as Kanifnath Maharaj. Kanif nath maharaj had a rath, & kanifnath maharaj used to travel in air, he had said who ever brings down my rath down i will take him as my ustad. It was the asar namaz time when Hazarat Sadath dulaha saw the rath in mid air & ordered the rath to come down,& it came down. Kanifnath maharaj fell in to Hazarat NIZAMUDDIN SADATH DULHAs feet & said i accept you my ustad, But Hazarat replied i dont accept any body as my shagirdh easily. River Godavari is just closeby. SADATH DULHAs gave kanifnath maharaj a raw mud container & asked get water from the river & fill the bigger container next to his dargha. kanifnath maharaj was trying to fill both the container for next 12yrs but couldn’t.

Kanifnath maharaj’s head was wounded for 12yrs, Even there were small worms in the head. at last SADATH DULHA accepted kanifnath maharaj as his shagirdh & gave a name HAZRAT RAMAZANSHAN & place called Madhi, At post-Patherdi, Dist – Ahmednagar.but unfortunatly after the babri masjid demolisition non muslim have captured the dargha & converted into a mandir of Kanifnath Maharaj. All because we Muslims have stopped
going to the darghas.

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