Sufi shrines in City and District of Bhir -INDIA

City; Bhir District : Bhir State:Maharashtra

Dargah of Pir Bala Shah

The Dargah of Pir Bala Shah is to the west of the town along Bid-Ahmadnagar Road, about 1.60 km. (a mile) away. It is in the centre of a courtyard with a parapet wall around. The tomb has no built roof above but is covered with a canopy of overhanging creepers. To the right there is the tomb of his mother, surmounted by a dome. Its walls bear lattice work. In the rear of the dargah there is a small mosque, with two domes crowning the top. To the left of it there are corridors. An annual urus is held in honour of the Pir. It is attended by about 4.000 persons.

Dargah of Shahenshavali:

furlong (.201 km) away from the town is the dargah of Shahenshavali, built on an elevated ground which could be reached after climbing a flight of 23 steps. It is enclosed by an arched compound wall, an imposing gate with its top crowned by two minars serving as the entrance. The dargah, with a small mosque in its rear stands on a spacious plinth of 1.219 metres (4′) in height. On three sides of the plinth there are arches similar to those of the compound wall. The actual tomb has a double canopy-like structure the inner being smaller and supported on 4 pillars. The outer one enclosing the inner one is much bigger and has 12 pillars. The floor of the dargah is paved with coloured marble tiles having floral patterns. On the entrance gate is the old naubat-khana or the music gallery. The dargah has an inam of 242.81 hectares (600 acres) of land. In August an urus, attended by about 3,000 persons, is held. In the compound there are many tombs of unknown persons. At the bottom of the stairway leading to the dargah there is a well.


Rajuri Masjid: The mosque is located near Rajuri darvaza, one of the entrance gates to the town and hence is called after the name of the gate. It was built during the life-time of Muhammad Shah Ghazi, in the year 1135 Hijri, The entrance to the mosque is on the eastern side. Its main hall is quite spacious and has two rows of pillars forming ten arches. Similarly, there are ten vaults, each in turn crowned with a small dome. There is also an outer hall which has been added recently.

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