Sufi Shrines (Dargah) in Masure village in Malvan Taluka in Sindhudurga District, Maharashtra

Brief about Masure:

Masure is village in Malvan Taluka in Sindhudurga District, Maharashtra; from Mumbai it is around 530 kilometers (by NH-17 i.e. Mumbai – Goa Highway) and 12 hours drive by road, and by Railway it is 30 kilometer far from Kankavali (Name of Station on Konkan Railway Route) station and maximum 8 hours journey by train.

This village is a historic place as a place called “Asthana-e-Aulia Allah” because in only one village there were about 7 Dargah Sharif (4 built Dargah and 3 unbuilt only mazarsharif). I am attaching herewith photographs of all the 7 Dargah Sharif with this massage. From all the photographs one photograph of Hazrat Sayyed Ahemad Qadri Dargah Sharif, and other all the murid of Hazrat Sayyed Ahmad Qadri (R.A.) Sajjadil Baghdadi and one of nephew Hazrat Mustafa Qadri (R.A.) Sajjadil Baghdadi, I am briefing in short a true story about hazrat’s Karamat here below for your ready reference.

Brief story about Hazrat Sayyed Ahmad Qadri (R. A.) Sajjadil Baghdadi:

The time of this happening is between 14th – 16th century when ‘Ali Adil Raja’ (Adilshahi Rular) was in forced and ruling on whole South India including Maharasthra (Konkan), Goa, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The days are like winter’s days, one day one Fakir i.e. Hazrat Sayyed Ahmad Qadri (R. A.) is arrived near to palace of ‘Ali Adil Raja’ and asked for one jug of water to do Waju and do Namaje-e-Juhar. But the head of security guard is refusing to give jug of water to do Waju and asked them to go away from the palace. They just see on the sky pray for water within next moment suddenly the rain is falling…continuously and stops suddenly. The Hazrat go away from him palace and do the Namaje-e-juhar and sit under the tree. After doing investigation from ‘Ali Adil Raja’ raja found the whole story from his head of security guard. After that Ali Adil Raja called Hazrat and say sorry about his servant’s misbehavior and then offer Hazrat to stay with him, but they refuse it, after some of the days Raja marry his daughter with Hazrat and asked them to choose any place from his ruling area. Hazrat decided to travel and asked to Raja where his heart says there he stay and he start his journey on a leaf of banana. When Hazrat came at place of Masure (in the time of Ali Adil Raja the name of Masure was Mahmoodabad) then Hazrat settle in Masure.

Hazrat’s Urse sharif is celebrate by the all Sayyed families on 12th Rabi-ul-sani because Hazrat not yet give any body date of his wafat and Hazrat from family tree of Hazrat Sayedena Gausepak’s family. Because of this reason Hazrat’s urse sharif is celebrating on 12th rabi-ul-sani.

In this Urse sharif all the residence of Masure village (e.g. hindu and other) also participated and give there nazro-niyaz and mannat etc..

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