Sufi Dargah in Ervadi , Ramanathapuram ,Tamilnadu , INDIA


In ERVADI (Ramanathapuram District) Tamilnadu.In Ervadi Hazarath SYED SULTHAN IBRAHIMSHA SHAHID WALIULLAH darga situated.In this Darga Surrounded by many more SHAHID mazars.They were Shahid in the War against Pandiyan King.This Darga is Very famous for clearing Saithan.

It is Situated Near Ramanathapuram and Keelakarai.From Ramanathapuram approxmately 20 kms.Plenty of buses are there from Ramanathpuram. By Train we can reach Ramanathpuram from Trichy and chennai.

Erwadi is a village where the grave and shrine of Qutbus Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha Radiyallh Ta’ala anhu, the then ruler of Madinah Al Munawwara is found. Erwadi is in Ramanathapuram district belonging to Kadaladi Taluk and Keelakarai Town panchayat. It also belongs to Kadaladi Assembly constituency which is a part of Ramanathapuram (Lok Sabha constituency). But after the delimitations in 2009, Ervadi has been joint to Ramanathapuram assembly constituency. Though being a small town, Ervadi is the second largest contibutor for the revenue of Ramanthapuram District.

Erwadi is a town located in the Kadaladi taluk of Ramanathapuram District in southern tamilnadu. It is located on the sea shore in between keelakarai and Valinokkam. The town is famous only because of the shrine of Hazrat Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed badusha radiyallah ta’ala anhu.

:: History Of Erwadi Durgah ::

Erwadi is a town located in the Kadaladi taluk of Ramanathapuram District in southern tamilnadu. It is located on the sea shore in between keelakarai and Valinokkam. The town is famous only because of the shrine of Hazrat Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed badusha radiyallah ta’ala anhu.
Ervadi gaining importance in Tamilnadu

Al Qutbul Hamid wal Gausul Majid Badhusha Hazrat Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Radiyalla Ta’ala anhu is a 18th generation hereditary grandson of Prophet Muhammad. He was the king of Madinah while he started towards in India in early 12th century to spread Islam according to the Prophet’s wish. With millions of supporters from all over the world. Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shahid first came to the sind province in Pakistan spread islam there through various means and returned back to Madinah. Again obliging Rasulullah’s order, Shaheed badusha started from Madinah with his entire family leaving the throne. He came across various difficulties while travelling in the sea and in the forests towards India without proper food and shelter or some nice water to drink and finally entered Kannanur in Kerala. His ultimate aim was to spread islam as per the order of his hereditary grandfather Hazrat Muhammad. He travelled via, Kayalpattinam, Vaippar, Madurai and finally entered Bouthiramanickapattinam, now called as Ervadi.
The war

Hazrat Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed, offered the islamic teachings to the Pandiya ruler Thiru Pandiyan in Madurai who refused to accept and waged a war. Finally the troops of Hazrat Sultan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed won and Sultan Iskandar (Sikandar) Badusha was throned in madurai. Then the troops of Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed went ahead towards Bouthramanickapattinam. Shahidh badusha offered Islam to the king Vikkirama Pandiyan who very strictly refused and asked to leave the kingdom. Shaheed refused to leave without turning them muslims. Vickrama pandiyan started war. A very vigorous war which took about 10 sessions each of around 3–4 days held. All of the family members of Shaheed Badhusah including his only lovable son Syed Abutahir, Brother Syed Ismail, Brother in Law Zainul Aabideen and many of the martyrs and ministers of Shaheedh badhusha like Amir Abbas of Rome, Abdul Qadir Mujahid, Muhaiyaddeen, Aboobakkar Abdul Hakkim, Abdullah, Shamsuddin of Makkah, Qamaruddin, Nooruddeen, Muhammadh Yusuf, Jafar Sadiq, Rome Syed Ahmad, Zulfaqar Ali @ Chanthana Peer of Turkey, Abdul Qadir Gilani, Abdul Qadir Samadaani, Pathan Sahib, Hamza basheer, Uvaisul Hasan Ridwanullahi Ta’ala alaihim ajmaeen and few more thousands were killed. Finally, king Vickrama pandiyan was killed and Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed Badusha won the war and captured the throne of Bouthiramanickapatttinam.

He ruled the province for 12 years and spread islam all over south tamilnadu. He too wished to be a martyr and told about that to Rasulullah who promised it.
The peace

Later King Tiru pandiyan, came from madurai with a larger troop and assassinated Shaheed badusha to re capture the thrown after 12 years. Then again badusha Syed Is’haq (Shaheed badhusha’s brother Syed Ismail badusha’s son) killed king Thiru pandiyan and captured thrown. Now the rivalry between the Arabs and pandiyas came to and end when both signed a pact, stating Arabs (Descendants of Shaheed Badusha) to rule the Bouthiramanikka pattinam (Ervadi) Province and the pandiyas to rule Ramanathapuram province. This was under implementation till the 17th century before English East India Company started occupying India. Hazrat Syed Is’haq, Syed Ibrahim, Syed Baqir, Syed Qasim, Syed Tahir Ridwanullahi Ta’ala alaihim ajmaeen and other descendants of Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed have ruled the Bouthiramanikkapattinam province and Regunatha Sethupathy, Kilavan (Kizhavan) Sethupathy, Vijaya Regunatha Sethupathy, Muthu Regunatha Sethupathi, Kumaran Sethupathi and other Descendants of Sethupathi have ruled the Ramanathapuram province.
:: Shuhadaas and Waliyatullahs in Erwadi Main Durgah ::

The divine Graves of Emperor Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed badusha along with His kith and kin is found in the Main dargah campus. Also the Holy Graves of other important Shuhadaas and in laws of Badusha Sulthan Syed Ibrahim Shaheed is found inside the premises. A ver big Masjid which can accommodate 10,0000 pilgrims for every prayer is also found inside the Main dargha campus . The single mammoth minaret which is around 250 foot adds to the glory of Erwadi. It can be viewed from any of the shores in Ramanathapuram District and this acts as a virtual Lighthouse to the Fishermen in Ervadi and adjacent villages.


HAZARAT ROWTHER APPA WALIULLAH DARGA.Kottaipattinam.This darga is situated between Muthupettai Hakkim SHAIK DAWOOD WALLIULLA darga and ERVADI AZARAT IBRAHIMSHA SHAHID WALIULLAH darga. If anybody having longtime stomach problems, Hazarat Rowther Appa Waliullah will clear with ALLAH GREAT BLESSINGS.

We can easily reach this Darga from Pudukkottai and Aranthangi.This Darga situated in seashore.

If anybody wants to go by train they have to go to Pudukkottai and from there they have to travel by road.

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