Rajgarh Sufi Shrines of India


His highness Maharaja Moti Singh ji urf Nawab Abdul Wase Khaan

Maharaja moti Singh ji was a Rajput king form rajgad which comes in Madhya pradesh, India, it is approx 130 kilometer from Bhopal. he sat on the seat of the kingdom in 1873 at that time he was very young. He was a firm believer of Hinduism and use to hate Muslims a lot. He had given strict orders to the muslim people not to come before him before 12 noon, if he saw any muslim then he use to punish him the whole day and use to take bath and due rituals to purify himself as he has seen muslim before 12 noon which was very bad for him.

One day early morning raja sahib went for hunting a poor muslim guy went for the nature call in the jungle after that he went to make wazu and was going for fajar namaz in a near by masjid, raja sahib saw him and asked him who he was he said I am a muslim and I am going for namaz as soon as raja sahib came to now that he was muslim he became angry and the guards of the raja sahib started beating the muslim man very badly. The man was beaten so much that he fainted and fell on the ground.
When the family member of the muslim guy came to know about the incident they came and took the poor guy home all the family members on seeing the condition of the poor muslim guy they started crying and started cursing the raja sahib. Few days later the poor Muslim guy left his place and went to some other village.

Allah tala’s anger:

After raja sahib did this shame full act he came back to his mahal, due to the curse of the poor man family Allah tala got angry and sent his azab on raja sahib. A very unusual disease affected him. He use to face continues attack as if large no of scorpion are biting him he use to cry loudly in pain and when the pain was unbearable he tried to commit suicide. The family members were very much trouble and disturb they showed raja sahib to mostly all the hakim, vaid, doctors, pandit, sadhu, sant but none of them were able to cure the disease all the people were surprised and were not able to find out what the disease was.

Meeting with a kamil wali Allah:

One day a close servant told raja sahib that we have tried all the things but were unable to cure your illness. There is a Sufi Muslim fakir who stays near the river of the jungle. He prays day and night, not bothered about any thing, if some one gave him any thing to eat then he takes it other wise he never ask any thing from any one. I have heard that he has shown many miracles if he will pray for u then I think that u will surely get cured.
On hearing this raja sahib told his servant that u don’t know that my whole life I had hated muslim people and know u are telling me to go to him, the servant replied its ur wish raja sahib. He paused for a few minutes and said that we can try this fakir if baghwan(god) want me to get cured in this way then what I can do. They both went to the jungle early morning. The servant first went to the kamil fakir(who after wards was famous by the name of pyare shah sahib) and told him folding his hand that the raja sahib came here to see u and want to greet u on hearing this Pyare shah sahib(rehmatullah alaih) smiled and said how come your raja came so early as he use to not see the face of muslim before 12 noon. On hearing this the servant went to raja sahib and told him about the incident the raja sahib was shocked to hear this and said I think that he is a kamil fakir and ran towards the hut of pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) and while folding his hand said data sahab “fakiron ko gussa nahi karna chaye” means that the fakirs should not get angry.

I am sorry what ever sins and mistakes I have committed plz forgive me for that, pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) replied in a loud wise oh u fool u have committed sins ask forgiveness for ur sins in front of Allah not in front of me, you have make Allah angry by troubling his servant, ask forgiveness from him not from me on hearing this raja sahab started crying and said I ask forgiveness from Allah but through your bless feet please pray for me.
By now the anger of pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) also decreased. He prayed for raja sahab and said that now go inshallah u will be fine and from that day raja sahab got cured and was fine this incident had a great impact on raja sahab he started loving the muslim people and use to love pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) a lot.

Raja sahab now made a habit of visiting pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) daily. He use to visit him early morning ad use to sit with pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) till 9 am and use to learn from him. His family members use to tell him not to go to the river so early as he could get cold and would fall ill. Raja sahab replied for 20 years I was falling the rule that I will not see the face of muslim man till 12 noon, now I want that for next 20 years there should be no one in front of me except muslim people.
This thing went on for 5years and 9 months and one day came for which pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) was send here to rajgad.

Raja sahab converting to Islam:

As regular schedule raja sahab came to meet pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) in the morning but was leaving the place before time. Pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) asked raja sahab what is the matter why are u going so early raja sahab folding his hand replied today I have not done my pooja path and dhyan I will go and do it now.

Pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) smiled and asked “kiski pooja karte ho tum”? Means (whom do u pray) raja sahab replied krishna bhagwan ki, okay said pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) “kabhi darshan bhi huy hai krishana bagwan ke ya bus mandir main aise hi ghanta bajate rehty ho” means have u ever seen him or you are just shaking the mandir bells. Raja sahab replied how could a sinner like me see him I just see his photo and murti and pray. On hearing this reply all of a sudden the kaifiyat(state) of pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) changed he replied “ary ja tu bhi yun hi hai” means you are like this only, and told raja sahab to close his eyes. Raja sahab closed his eyes and was in this manner for 2 mins when he opened his eyes he felt on the feet of pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) and started crying and was saying “bus sabko dekh liya” means I have seen everything..

Every thing in this world is a lie baba you are true and you din(religion) is true(subhanallah)

Pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) place his hand on the head of raja sahab and told him to get up and asked him what is the matter what have he seen that you are is loosing your senses.

Raja sahab replied baba I have seen shri krishna maharaj he was playing basuri(flute), he stopped playing basuri and told me that “bawle ye to arabi awatar mohammed arabi(sal-lal-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm) ka daur hai bus unka pallu pakde rakhna to akhirat main nijat hai, means this is the time of the holy prophet mohammed( sal-lal-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm follow him and u will be saved and started playing the basuri there was voice of kalma tayeba coming from the basuri(flute) subhanallah.

I am now reading the kalma that I heard from the basuri you take my hand in your hand and let me inform to the people of rajgad that I have become a muslim. Raja sahab also said that Krishna maharaj called me with the name abdul waseh khan.
Pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) told raja sahab okay then from today I will also call you with the same name.

After this pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) told raja sahab that you have become muslim with full heart it I don’t have a problem if you do not let other people now that you have became a muslim. On hearing this raja sahab replied baba I am a Rajput

I will not do any work hiding with others today only I will make sure the whole rajgad comes to know that I have become a muslim.

As this news spread in rajgad and the near by area people were shocked to hear this news all of them rushed to raja sahab and told him that this is wrong and this should not be done muslim are cruel people and they have spread Islam with sword and many bad thing about Islam on hearing this raja sahab this is not true I was following the same religion and same thought as you people are now but none of the muslim came to me with a sword. I converted because I came to know that this is a true religion and the religion of peace. Anti Muslims have misguided many people with the false picture of Islam.

After trying all the things people came to now that raja sahab wont leave Islam and use tell that fakir is a magician and has done some magic on raja sahab, the wife and the relatives of raja sahab left him, his room was shifted to a poor building none of the servant were allowed to make his food or do his work .raja sahab use to cook and do his work with his own hand but was not ready to convert back. the head of the raja sahab family decided that if we will tell raja sahab to convert back to Hinduism or he would have to leave his kingdom and in of losing his kingdom he will convert back.

When raja sahab came to know about this he said “ye wo nasha nahi jise kursi utar de, agar tum log mere boti boti karke bhi chil aur kawon ko khila do to mujhe manzoor hai magar mujhe jo anmol khazana mila hai use chodne ko tayar nahi hun”.

Dua ka asar :

When the members of the raja sahab family tried everything and failed the made the complain of raja sahab to the British government the matter reached London to the head of British government. When raja sahab came to know about this incident he became very disturbed and went to pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih). He (rehmatullah alaih) replied my son one get’s a diaomond after lot of strugle, u have to strive a lot and bare lot of pain. “tum ko soch samajh kar yahn ana chaye tha” means you would have think twice before coming here. Nothing has been wasted yet go back to your people. Raja sahab replied I am not worried about my status or my kingdom. I love staying in a hut just next to you. I am disturbed that if I lose this case my family members will be very happy and would make fun of my religion. Hazrat pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) on hearing this replied okay go and just start reading durood sahrif as much as you can. Raja sahab wrote the darood sahrif in Hindi and started reading that after few months the decision came in favor of raja sahab. The British government ordered that the kingdom has nothing to do with the religion raja sahab can continue with his kingdom and would be addressed with his new muslim name nawab abdul wase khan. The whole family of raja sahab on hearing the decision of the British govt was disappointed.

Nawab sahab started ruling the kingdom he also hired Islamic scholars to teach him how read quran, pray namaz, read Urdu and learned all about Islam. He made two masjid in his mahal where he use to offer namaz and one big jama masjid inside a garden.

Raja sahab use to love his religion a lot because he became Muslim after lot of strugle and sacrifice. Secondly his pir hazrat pyare shah sahab(rehmatullah alaih) blessed him so much that he became a kamil fakir , raja sahab use to spend most of the time in ibadat and riyazat many darwish and alim use to come to meet hazrat abdul wase khan(rehmatullah alaih) raja sahab and use to get blessed by his spirituality.


BADAKHSHANI Baba entry gate

Hazrat Haji Hafiz Shah Syed Qurban Ali Shah Badakhshani urf Baba Badakhshani (R.A.)

Hazrat Haji Hafiz Shah Syed Qurban Ali Shah Badakhshani Al-Maroof Baba Badakhshani R.A was a born Wali Allah. He Was Born in Badakshan (Afganistan).

He was Born In 1245 Hijri. He is a Hassani Sayed From His Father Side And Hussaini Sayed from his mother side. His father was a Horse trader. He originated from Makkah Sharif but later got setelled in Badakshan. When Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) was 11 years old he competed his uloom-e-zahaeri studies and was now in serach for a kamil pir who would teach his ilme tasawuf and how to walk on rahe sulook. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) went to for a business trip with his uncle to arab and after the trip got over he wnet for Haj and then to Madina Shairf Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) stayed there for 7 years . One day Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) saw our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alahi-wasalm) in dream our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alahi-wasalm) said to Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) go towards India and showed him the picture of Bareli Sharif the place where his Pir-O-Musrhid Hazrat Niyaz Ahmed Sahab (rehmatullah alaih)was.

BADAKHSHANI Baba main mazar

Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) reached Delhi (India) in 1268 Hijri and visited many Buzurg-e-Kamil and from there Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) went to meet his Pir Sahab. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) said when I reached Bareli Sharif and took bayat from my Pir Sahab it was the same Place and same face which I have seen in the dream.

After Bayat Hazrat BADAKHSHANI baba (rehmatullah alaih) Spent most of his time in the compnay of his Pir Sahab doing khidmat of his Pir and offering Namaz Day and Night .

When Ever his Pir sahab use to go out for fresh air on his horse Hazrat BADAKHSHANI Baba (rehmatullah alaih) use to run with the horse of his Pir Sahab with the Hookah in his hand many times he use to get hit by the stick which his Pir Sahab Use to Hit the horse he had shown the marks of the stick to some of his special mureeds.

SubhanAllah what firm beliver Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) was of his Pir Sahab even by getting hit by the stick his love did not decrease for his Pir. His Pir Sahab use to do this purposely to test him . He got the khilafat in 1287 Hijri. He was then ordered to go back to his village by his Murshid. On his way back home Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) went hor Haj again and from there Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) went to Madina Shairf Our Holy Prophet(sal-lal-laho-tala-alaihi-wasalm) Ordered him to go back to India and spread din-e-islam there. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) reached Bhopal in 1297 traveling through Lucknow and Bareli Sharif on his way he had made many mureed and shown many miracels.


Bringing The Dead Child Alive:

On reaching Bhopla Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) use to stay at the house of Abdul Latef Khan who was a lover of Auliya Allah. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) use to offer his Morning, Magrib and Isha namaz in the jungle after the namaz-e-ishraq Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) use to meet his mureed and use to teach them about tasawuf and other related topics after the dars every one use to have tea and breakfast . One Day the daughter of Abdul Latif Sahab who was ill from many days died in the morning when Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) came back from Jungle as he use to do every day after namaz-e-ishraq. Abdul Latif Sahab did not tell Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) about this incident and gave him tea Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) asked him your daughter has not come to meet me from many days call her I will give her tea. Abdul Latif Sahab replied Hazrat (rehmatullah alaih) she is not well she is very ill you plz drink the tea. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) replied I will make dua and do dum on her call her after hearing this Abdul Latif Sahab told Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) that she had died just now I have not told you only because you will not have then. On heraing this Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) baba got very angry and said there is a dead body lying in the house and you are giving me tea bring her to me.


Abdul latif brought her daughter Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) took her in his hands and statred walking here and there all the mureed saw that the kaifiyat of Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) changed he was just waliking in the room and readind this lines

“Ahad Ahmed Main Chupa Tha Mujhe Maloom Nahi Tha

Ahad Was Hiding Behind Ahmad And I was Not Knowing That

Chand Badli Mian Chupa Tha Mujhe Maloom Nahi Tha

The Moon Was Hiding In the Clouds and I was Not Knowing That”

This thing continued for half hour after that the child came back to life she said water water. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih)gave back the child to his father and said what were you saying that she is dead her air pipe was blocked.

Ibadat Gah

Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) took the veil from this world on 20th Ramzan 1334 Hijri at that time his age was 70 years. Hazrat BADAKHSHANI (rehmatullah alaih) got the khilafat when he was 30years of age he got the khilafat from silsila-e-qadariya and chistiya. Since then his anniversary is celebrated as “URS” in the month of March from 10-12. People of all communities from all over the India and some of other countries come in to the URS for spiritual gain.

His Mazar Shairf is Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh. It is 145 km from Bhopal.

I have taken the whole matter from the book Lal-E-BadakShan Urf Sawane Qurban Ali(rehmatullah alaih) this book is written in urdu by Sayed Sarfaraz Ali and was transleted in hindi by Abid Ali Mansoori.

I did th english translation may Allah forgive me if I have done any mistake while translation (amin).

My Murshid Hazrat Mohammed Fazal Hussain Shah Madari,Qadri ,Chisty Urf Pir Yazdani whose mazar sahrif is in Khilcipur his father was the mureed of Hazrat Badakshani Baba (rehmatullah alaih) and was also offered Khilafat but he refused to accept it for some reasons.


When my murshid was very young his father took him to his Pir Hazrat Badakshani Baba(rehmatullah alaih) as his child would die as they were born. Hazrat Prayed for the young child and told his father that your child would be a saint and will bless many people with his roohaniyat and you would not get any worldy pleasure from him.

Dargah Shareef, Masjid and other buildings were founded by the
Mutawalli of Dargah Shri Syed. Mushtaq Ali Rizvi Sandelvi after the
death of Baba Sahib. ]



Mastani Amma:

Mastani Amma was a great Waliya she was a mast(absorbed in the love of Allah) she use sit with a matki(vessel made up of mud) on a choola(gas) and use to put what ever given to her in that matki once a pigeon came flying to her she put that alive pigeon in that hot matki after some time the owner of the pigeon came and asked her whether she had seen her pigeon on hearing this she replied oh that was your pigeon i am so sorry she put her hand in that hot matki and removed the pigeon the pigeon was still alive.

My murshid Hazrat Fazal Hussain Shah Madari, Qadri, Chisty urf Pir Yezdani had eaten 3 spoons of khichdi from her hands.



Hazrat Panch Pir Wali

Rajgarh is located at western part of Madhya Pradesh. It borders the
state of Rajasthan, and the districts of Shajapur, Sehore, and Bhopal.
It forms the north western part of Bhopal Commissioner’s Division.
Rajgarh District extends between the parallels of latitude 23027′ 12″
North and 24017′ 20″ North and between the meridians of longitude
76011′ 15″ and 77014′ East. It has a quadrangular shape with the
northern and western sides longer than the southern and eastern sides,
respectively. The zigzag boundaries of the District resemble a pear.

Some of the main Locations are Zirapur, Rajgarh, Biora, Khilchipur,
Sarangpur and Narsinghgarh. The district is well connected by Road
NH-3 and Railway Network. Major tourist attraction is Narsinghgarh.
Newaj and Parbati Rivers flows through the district.

The total geographical area of the District is 6,154 sq.km. with a
population of 12,54,085 according to census 2001. It is one of the
small districts of Madhya Pradesh, both in respect of area and
population. It is 145 KMs from the state capital Bhopal.

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