Oldes Nagpur Sufi Shrines, Maharashtra , INDIA

City:Nagpur District: Nagpur State: Maharashtra


Baba Tajuddin of Nagpur Hazrat Tajjudinn Baba, of Nagpur :Tajbagh is situated on the outskirts of the city of Nagpur, which is located in the north Eastern corner of the state of Maharashtra, India. The dargah is approximately fifteen kilometers from the city center. Tajbagh is the name given to both the dargah of Tajuddin Baba, as well as to the general vicinity of the dargah. The surrounding area is quite poor and under developed, with a series of small shops lining the final kilometer or so stretch of the approach road to leading to the shrine.

Tajuddin is associated with two Sufi sheikhs, the Quadiri sheikh Hazrat Abdulla Shah (late 19th century) of Nagpur and Hazrat Daood Chishti (late 19th century) of Sagar. His first contact with a Sufi pir was at the tender age of six, when the local saint Hazrat Abdulla Shah visited Tajuddin’s school in Nagpur. One account reports that the saint…gazed at Tajuddin, took out a piece of sweetmeat from his bag, chewed a bit of it and thrust the rest into Tajuddin’s mouth. He then told one of the teachers standing by : “What can you teach him? He is already well taught in his previous life.” And, addressing the young Tajuddin, he said: “Eat little, Sleep little, and Talk little. While reading Qur’an, read as though the holy Prophet Mohammed has descended upon you.”

This strange incident effected a profound change in Tajuddin. Tears flowed from his eyes continuously for three days and he lost all interest in play and childish pranks. He sought solitude and was always found reading the works of great Sufi Saints and reflecting upon their profound significance (Bharadwaja, 1981, 9).

Later in life, in his late teens, Tajuddin began visiting Hazrat Daood Chishti in Sagar and began following his instructions. He soon fell into a state of majdhubyat (intense attraction to God) and was taken for a madman by most who encountered him. Taunted by children, rejected by his family and friends, he was eventually committed for life to the Nagpur insane asylum by British officials who had been offended by his bizarre behavior. Some time prior to being committed, however, he had already begun to attract a following of local people who understood his condition very differently from the way the British authorities understood it.


Hazrat Baba Syed Sakhluddin Shah R.A Urf Pahalwanshah Baba

Details of Hazrat Sakhluddin Shah Baba in Nagpur.

Address:-Ajni Railway Colony,Near Railway Mens High School.

Hazrat Baba Syed Sakhluddin Shah Baba is of qaudri silsila.
Here Muharram and Urs is celebrated in great enthusiasm and unity.
The Urs of Hazrat is celebrated on 21st November every year.In Muharram there are ten days Langar on every night.On muharram, ALAM(SAVARI) also sits.

There is very rush on the days of Muharram.Muharram is celebrated with the help of khadim Hazrat Bhimraoji Dupare.The incidence that happened in the mahe Muharram is recalled here with great love.



Hazrat Baba Sayyad Sahab Rahmatullahi Ta’ala Alayh

Address- Rajabagh Sawar, Wanjari Nagar, Near Medical College, Nagpur.

Hazrat Urs is celebrated on 21 RabiulAwwal .

Here in muharram, Lot of devotees come. This dargah is famous for Muharram.

This dargah is oldest dargah in Nagpur.

Here Baba Tajuddin Rahmatullahi Ta’ala Alayh also used to come

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