Hazrat Khwaja Niyamatullah Shah baba (R.A)- Jalgaon, Maharashtra-INDIA


Jalgaon Jalgaon Maharashtra


Hazrat Khwaja Niyamatullah Shah baba’s Dargah Sharif is in Jalgaon Maharashtra. In the Dargah Premisis is a Miraculous Well and the Miracluous Water of this well heals any type of skin Disease. Thousands of people with numerous Skin diseases come to the Dargah daily and take the blessings of the sufi saint. His shrine is also seen as the Best Skin Hospital for the Poor.

Hazrat Khwaja Niyamatullah Shah baba is believed to have been a companion of Hazrat Moinuddin Chishty Baba of Ajmer and came with him from Makkah to spread Islam in India.

About Jalgaon : Jalgaon is a city in western India, in northern Maharashtra state, Jalgaon District on the northern Deccan Plateau. Located within the productive, irrigated agricultural region of Khandesh, Jalgaon is Municipal Corporation. Formerly part of territory controlled by the Holkar family of Maratha rulers, Jalgaon became part of British India’s Bombay Presidency in 1818 and of independent India in 1947.

Modern Jalgaon now boasts of vast industrial area, educational institutes and good hospitals. The city is well developed with good roads, shopping centres, residential areas, with good infrastructure in communication and transport.jalgaon is near the world famous Ajanta.

Jalgaon has got pretty diverse climate. It is exceptionally hot and dry during summer with temperature reaching as high as 47 degrees Celsius. Jalgaon receives about 700 mm rainfall during monsoons, which is followed by pleasant temperature in winter.

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