Hazrat Abdullah Shattari Mast (RA)

CITY / TOWN / TALUK : Kila Mandav, Zilla Dhar
STATE : Madhya Pradesh, India


Shattari Sufi order (silsila) was introduced in India by Hazrat Abdullah Shattar Mast (d. 1472). He was great grandson (fifth generation) of Hazrat Shahbuddin Suharwardiya (Founder of Suharwardiya Khaanwad) and seventh lineage disciple to Hazrat Bayazid Bustami. He was honored with Khilafat (Spiritual Deputyhood) from all of the 14 Sufi orders (Khanwaads or Gharaanaas).

Hazrat Abdullah Shattar Mast (RA) came from Iran and laid down the foundation and Doctrine of Shattari order in India and this order has flourished since then. After arriving in northern Bihar – India, he stayed in small towns like Daryapur, Manikpur, Jaunpur and Mandwa. He used to judge disciples even with their eating habits and would extend his teachings only to those who did proper justice to the food. Dressed in royal robes he used to travel on streets beating drums and openly invite people to witness GOD in his presence. His knowledge and authority in Spiritual matters was of highest degree.

The Dargah Shareef of this great Sufi master is located in Kila Mandav, zilha Dhar, Madhya Pradesh. India

The Following are some of Famous Awliyas / Sufi Saints of Silsala-e-Shattari / Silsala-e-Shuttari :-
1) Hazrat Abdullah Shattari Mast (RA) – Founder of the Silsala ( Kila Mandav, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh )
2) Hazrat Allauddin Kaazan Shattari (RA) ( Hajipur, Bihar )
3) Hazrat Abul Fatah Hidayatullah Sarmast Shattari (RA) ( Hajipur, Bihar )
4) Hazrat Shah Zahoor Haji Huzoor Shattari(RA), Malikana kabrastan, Ratan Sarai
Ratan Sarai ( Railway Station ), Sivani, Bihar.
5) Hazrath Shah Sultan Haji Hameed Mohammed Shattari ( Ghouse-e-Gwaliori )
6) Hazrat Shah Wajihuudin Gujrati Husaini Kadri Shattari (Khanpur, Ahmadabad)
7) Hazrat Shah Abdullah Husaini Kadri Shattari (Khanpur, Ahmadabad )
8) Hazrat Sayyed Shah Moulana Qutub-ul-Aktaab Haashim Peer Dastageer Husaini Kadri Shattari (Bijapur, Karnataka).
9) Hazrat Qutb-e-Zamaa Sufi Sarmast Ali Shah Qalander Husaini (RA) ( direct desecent of Hazrat Hashim Peer Dastageer (RA) (Nandura – Dist. Buldhana, Maharashtra)
10) Hazrat Sufi Abdullah Shah Husaini Qadri Shattari (Bijapur, Karnataka)
11) Hazrat Sufi Ghafoor Shah Qalander Husaini Kadri Shattari (Ganesh peth, Daroowala pool, Pune – Maharashtra)
12) Hazrat Sufi Hidayatulllah Shah Husaini Kadri Shattari (Nandura ,Dist. Buldhana, Maharashtra)

In Bangalore a very Famous Dargah Shareef of Sufi Saint of Silsala-e-Shuttaria is of Hazrath Attah-ulla shah Shuttari (RA), who is very well known as the peer-o-murshid of Hazrat Hyder Ali Khan Bahadur (RA) father of Hazrat Tippu Sultan Shaheed (RA).

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