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City: Mumbai District Mumbai State: Maharashtra

Uran, Pirvadi, Mora Beach,

Dargah of Hazrath Mukim Shah baba is located in Uran near Mora Beach.

Uran is part of the Navi Mumbai city township and lies in the Raigarh district near Panvel and Karjat. Situated east of Mumbai across the Thane Creek. Uran is primarily a fishing village which has developed into a special economy zone. It has ample industries, namely JNPT, P&O and other shipping companies, GTPS, MSEB (Asia’s first power plant run by gas), and ONGC.

Uran has a naval base near Mora. Besides the naval base, the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) has a refinery nearby. The outskirts of the town are largely rural and remain among the few places within the Navi Mumbai city limits untouched by the modernity of the central city.

Gumbad Shariff – Hazrat Mukeem Shah Baba, Uran

Gumbad Shariff with Inner Gate – Hazrat Mukeem Shah Baba, Uran

Gumbad Shariff with Main Gate – Hazrat Mukeem Shah Baba, Uran

Dargah from Side – Hazrat Mukeem Shah Baba, Uran

Main Entrance to the Roza Mubarak

How to reach there : To reach Mora Beach you have to take a Ferry from Bhawcha Dhakka or Mazgaon Docks, 45 mins ride will take you to Mora Beach and from mora beach take an Auto to Uran Dargah, Ferry charges were 30 rs for Adult and 10 Rs for Child as on 16th Nov 2008, And Auto cost was Rs 20 Per Person. Mazar of Sakar piya is just behind the mountain on a small hill 30 mins ride from Mukim Shah baba’s mazaar

First ferry leaves Bhawcha Dhakka at 8.00 am and last from Mora beach is at 6.00 during low tides and at 8.00 during High tides.

Two days before and After Amawas and Two days before and after Poonam is Low Tide. Uran can also be reached by ROAD but its better to go via ferry.

Its better to carry all your eatables with you as not much is available near the dargah, but do try Coconut Water (Nariyal Pani) and Gola near the dargah.

Roza Mubarak

Roza Mubarak

Roza Mubarak

History of Mukim Shah baba in Urdu framed in Dargah

Shijra Shariff in the Dargah.

Peer Sayed Jalaluddin Shah Baba –
Mazar just Opposite Mukim Shah Baba

Dargah View from the Ocean Side

There are places close to home and hearth that are waiting to be explored. Uran is one of them. It is one of many islands that circle Mumbai, so there is a regular ferry service to Uran. Commuting back and forth from Uran to mainland Mumbai is a matter of habit for many residents of Uran, who live there but come everyday to Mumbai to work or study. So to get there you have to hop onto a ferry from the Gateway of India or from Mazgaon docks. The trip takes about 45-1 hour over mostly placid waters.

As you move away from the shores, the water gets deeper and cleaner. If you are on the deck, you can actually see shoals of fish goofing off for your attention. Most of the other people on board were Koli (fisherfolk) who lived in Uran. They caught fresh fish everyday and came to Mumbai to sell their catch.


Other Dargahs in Uran

Hazrat Sayed Rahimuddin Shah Qadri R.A.(Shakker Peer) Uran, Mumbai.


Address : Change Karanja Road, Mulaykhand Phatak, uran, dist Raigad, Maharashtra – 400702 (India)

Entry Shakar Shah Baba

Main mazar Shakar Shah Baba

Family of Shakar Shah baba

Outside Shakar Shah Baba


30 mins walk from Shakar Shah baba is mazaar of Hz. Moinuddin Qadri.

Hazrat Hazrat Moinuddin Qadri urf Nange shah baba

Mian Dargah Hazrat Moinuddin Qadri Urf Nange Shah Baba

Qazi ALi Shah Baba









































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