Dargah of Wali Allah in Cumbum Shairf , Talim Nadu state , India


Mazar-e-Mubarak of Hazarath Amba Nayahangal Sayeedi Rali

Hazarath Khalwathu Nayahangal (rali) Thaikka Shareef located in Cumbum Shareef in Tamilnadu, Mazar-e-Mubarak of Hazarath Al Arif Billah Qutbuzzaman Amba Nayahangal Sayeedi Qadiri Khalwathiyyi (Rali) and his father, Hazarath Al Khaleefat-ul-Moulal Qaum, Ghoud-us-Samadh-us-Zaman, Jalwathu Nayahangal Sayeedi Qadiri Khalwathiyyi (Rali)

Address of the Dargah Shareef,
Khalwathu Nayahangal Thaikka (Dargah) Shareef 
Cumbum Mettu Road,
Cumbum Shareef – 625516
Theni District
Tamil Nadu

Hazarath Khalwathu Nayahangal (rali) Thaikka Shareef.

(Buses are available to Dindigul (Near Madurai city) from any city in India and from there, you need to take a bus for Cumbum shareef)

Amba Nayahangal (Rali) is the direct descendant of Ashab-e-Rasool Sal-lal-lahu Alaihi Va Sallam, Hazarath Abdur Rahman Ibn Auf (Raliyallahu Thaala Anhu), who is one among the Al-Asharatu Mubashshirun or Al-Mobashareen Bel-Jannah (The ten Sahab-e-kiram (Ralis) who were Promised Paradise by Huzoor Sal-lal-lahu Alaihi Va Sallam). Amba Nayahangal (Rali) is the Qutb and Sultan-ul-Awliyah of his time that has been accepted by all contemporary Awliya-Allah of his (rali) time. Amba Nayahangal (Rali) had never been to Hajj but many of his beloved mureeds have seen him very near to Haram Shareef and in Madheenath-ul-Munawwara.

The Father of Hazarath Amba Nayahangal (Rali) is Hazarath Al Khaleefat-ul-Moulal Qaum, Jalvathu Nayahangal Sayeedi Qadiri Khalwathiyyi (Rali), who has been gifted with a cap (toppi) by Huzoor Sallallahu Alaihi Va Sallam. Hazarath Jalvathu Nayahangal (Rali) was in Zikr or Seclusion (Khalwath) status for more than 50 years in two places, namely Cumbum Shareef’ s new mosque and the Dargah Shareef where he (rali) is buried. He announced during his seclusion period that his son Hazarath Amba Nayahangal (Rali) would be the Qutb his time and his Makham (Darajah) would be known to nobody.

Hazarath Amba Nayahangal (rali) and Hazarath Jalvathu Nayahangal (rali) are buried near each other (rali)

Dargah shareef has been named after Moulal Qaum, Hazarath Khalwathu Nayahangal Sayeedi Qadiri (Rali) (buried in Keelakarai Shareef, Ramnad District, Tamilnadu), who is the peer-o-murshid of Hazarath Jalvathu Nayahangal Sayeedi Qadiri Khalwathiyyi (Rali)

Mazar-e-Mubarak of Hazarath Jalwathu Nayahangal Sayeedi Rali

They (rali) lived the simplest life ever and were the tigers of Shari’ath/Sharh/Hadeeths Shareefs and followed all the Sunnaths as Faraz-ul-Ain. Nobody has seen Hazarath Amba Nayahangal (rali) sleeping but always involved in the Khidmat to his father, Hazarath Jalvathu Nayahangal (rali) and rest of the time he (rali) used to be in Namaz/reading Quran Shareef/Zikr. Nobody taught Irfan for Hazarath Amba Nayahangal (rali) and he (rali) has never read any book of Irfan such as Fuzu-ul-Hikam, Insan-e-Kamil or the likes written by Awliya-Allah but he (rali) was the ocean of Irfan. The famous speakers (Alims) of Irfan, Peers and Awliya-ALLAH’s in Tamilnadu during his (rali) lifetime used to come and ask doubts in Fiqh, Sharh and Hadeeth Shareef. Hazarath Amba Nayahangal (rali) never went out of Dargha shareef to give any speech or spread his Tareeq but ALLAHU Jalla Jalaluhu Thaala made everything/everybody to come to him (rali). SubhanALLAH.


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